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"These three developments ( Robotics & Globalization, Digitization, Access-based Business Models ) lead to an increasing "Commoditization of Products and Services".... As a consequence of this "Commoditization of Products and Services" through industry convergence, companies face the problem to identify new ways to create customer value & capture in order to sustain their profit margins in the future. Our suggestion is to think of "Decision Model Innovation” as a possible answer.

Our Approach

“Building Decision Model Innovation Companies, Delivering Decision Intelligence Solutions”
Our "Decision Intelligence" approach is significantly distinctive from others that have a tendency to focus too much on (advanced) analytics and ignore the important questions upfront..”

Dr. Roger Moser, a Swiss entrepreneurial academic and internationally acclaimed thought leader and speaker, who originally developed the 'Decision Model Innovation' and 'Decision Intelligence' concepts and successfully applied to the agriculture and other converging industries in developing countries of India, China, Asean and around the world.


The ASIA CONNECT Center-HSG is a joint initiative of the University of St.Gallen and St.GallenBodenseeArea

AboutAumra Group International

Aumra Global Capital Holdings Inc. (‘AGCH’), advises the existing companies and organizations in South-East Asia (ASEAN region), which are impacted by the industry convergence, as well as invests in the innovative start-up companies that offer the potential to create sustainable value to the stake holders, customers, suppliers and the society, by applying our Decision Model Innovation (DTI) as their primary guideline for transforming their business model and turning our Decision Intelligence solutions (DI) into actions, delivered at the bottom-line.


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